An Interior Designer's Guide to Arranging Cushions - Houzz

An Interior Designer's Guide to Arranging Cushions - Houzz

Get to grips with your ever-growing pile of cushions with these professional tips for choosing and arranging cushions in your home.

There’s something about the cosiness of soft furnishings, pillows, and cushions in particular, that I’ve always had a  very strong love affair with. So make no mistake, when it comes to saying no to beautiful cushions, I’m not the expert. However, there are some secret tricks I share with clients, when they ask what’s the best way for them to arrange their cushions and how many they should choose. Truth is, we all know what cushions we like but knowing how to choose the correct ones for your space and how to arrange them when you get home is a bit trickier – and to be honest it’s more of an art than a science. Below are some of the most common questions I get asked and my tried-and-tested response to each.

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Source: An Interior Designer’s Guide to Arranging Cushions

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